Shine Dión are a Norwegian duo that started out in Skien in 1993. It consists of Janne Hansen: vocals and lyrics and Per Selör: composer and guitars.

The music can be described as a blend between Norwegian and Irish folk tunes, with hints of progressiv. Among the instruments they are using are:
violin, flutes, saxophone, mandolin, percussions, mellotron, accoustic/

The lyrics are inspired by mythology, fairy tales and the scenery of
the norwegian landscapes.

Shine Dión creates a blend of the ancient and the modern, resulting in a pastoral, fragile and timeless atmosphere.

Shine Dión made their debut in 1994 with a 3-track CD called "Berkana". The CD-title was named after an old viking rune which symbolizes growth.
"Berkana"was released on the Norwegian record company "Colours", as the first of their new folk label records.

A second CD "Killandra" was released in October 1998 by Shine Dións own company "The Holly". Killandra is a full length production with 11 tracks.
It is also available on LP.

Shine Dión released their new CD "WYN" in February 2002. If you enjoyed the CD "Berkana" and "Killandra", "WYN" will be a exciting new voyage into
the world of Shine Dión.

In April 2005 Shine Dión released a promotion single to the radio stations in Norway. The single consisted of 2 songs. "Secret Lullabye" was made
and produced by Shine Dión.

In 2012 Shine Dion contributed with the song The Well on the CD Musica Keltika Vol.1 released by Miroque, Histomedia. Other artist on the CD are Loreena McKennitt, Nolween Leroy and Julie Fowlis.

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