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Issue No. 25 August 2002

Shine Dión - "Wyn"
(The Holly HCD02, 2002, CD)

Wyn is my first exposure to Shine Dión. the norwegian duet of Janne Hansen and Per Selör.(The band has one previous full-lenght album.) Hansen handles all vocals, while Selör plays electric and accoustic guitars, mandolin, bass and jaw harp. A host of guest musicians help out on violin, cello, flute, percussion, accordion, and keyboards, resulting in fuller-sounding arrangements that one might otherwise expect from a duet. Althrough Wyn's thirteen tracks are all originals, they are deeply rooted in folk music, drawing variously upon Celtic, English, and Norwegian traditions. About half the songs on Wyn are reminiscent of Loreena McKennitt's later work, with Hansen's breathy voice intoning metaphor-laden lyrics (in English) about lakes, rivers, oceans, woodlands, and medieval towers over slightly ethereal minor-key-instrumental arrangements. In fact, if I didn't know any better,
I'd have guessed that "Flowering", "Mist-e-ry" and "The Well" were McKennitt outtakes! 
Shine Dión does have a livelier side, though, and "Moonlit Voice", "Waves of Green", and "The Land" are full of festive, danceable, folk-rock cheer, with major-key melodies and strong beats, comparable to some Blackmore's Night tunes. From a prog perspective, the most interesting track is probably "The Valley's Song", a largely instrumental seven-minute piece with gobs of Anderson-esque flute as well as spirited violin and electric guitar solos. Anyone who enjoys prog-folk, folk-rock, or medieval-rock, with femme vocals will probably
love this- so long as they don't expect a wholly original sound.

Jim Chokey


iO Pages (the Netherlands)


Nog steeds zijn Janne Hansen (zang, teksten) en Per Selör (gitaren, muziek) de spil van Noorse folkrockband Shine Dion. De composities op dit album bevatten elementen uit de Noorse en Keltische folk en zijn geinspireerd door het Noorse Landschap, de tradities en de sprookjes. Vandaar ook de titel Wyn, een oude Engelse naam voor een Runenteken
dat vreugde en een zich nieuw ontplooiend leven symboliseert. Het instrumentarium bestaat naast gitaar, toetsen, drum en bas uit mandoline, jew's harp, accordeon, cello, fluit, hobo, Mellotron, terwijl Trond Villa viool speelt en Hardanger de fiddle.
Laatstgenoemde speelde ook viool op de vorige tevens debuut CD (het mini-album Berkana niet meegerekend) van de formatie Killandra. Het repertoire op Wyn ligt in het verlengde van haar voorganger. Ook hierop staan prachtige Keltische folkrocksongs, die door Janne Hansen van zuivere, sfeervolle vocalen worden voorzien. Aan de in mijn Killandra recensie (iO 20) aangehaalde referenties met betrekking tot haar stem wil ik er na het beluisteren van dit album één toevoegen, namelijk Loreena Mc Kennitt. Niet alleen de stem, naar ook de muziek heeft raakvlakken met deze verfolkster van Keltische songs. De viool van Villa speelt een hoofdrol gedurende het gehele album, sons aangevuld met fluit- en
mandolinebegeleiding. De beginjaren van Mike Oldfield herleven in de nummers Waves Of Green, The Land en afsluiter The Valley's Song, waarin de gitaar van Selör een groot aandeel heeft. Deze laatstgenoemde track is net zeven minuten tevens het langste stuk en behoort kwalitatief tot de top van het album. De folkrockers onder ons raad ik aan deze schijf, met voornamelijk sferische en gevoelige songs, heslist een keer te luisteren. Info

Leo Hoekstra


issue #41 2002


2002 (CD, 41:42); The Holly HCD02

Shine Dion (the name means "shining moon") is the Norwegian duo of Janne Hansen (English vocals) and Per Selor (guitars, mandolin and jew’s harp) that plays lovely, pastoral folk music with a progressive flair. Inspired by mythology, fairy tales and the scenery of Scandinavian landscapes, their music magically transports the listener to a timeless place where beautiful melodies rule. Hansen’s voice is absolutely enchanting, especially on the group’s delicate ballads, several of which can be found on this sumptuous recording -- their second full-length CD after a three-tune EP. Fans of Loreena McKennitt or Enya will definitely appreciate her fragile, lilting style. Selor plays quiet but effective guitars throughout, while a bevy of supporting players provides valuable contributions on cello, oboe, flute, violin and accordion and mellotron.

The CD, which is almost a flawless masterpiece of traditional folk, closes with the seven-minute epic, "The Valley Song." It’s a stunningly gorgeous piece that brings together all the best elements of Shine Dion.

Mark Newman


25 Jan 2003

Shine Dion is a duo (Janne Hansen and Per Selör) from Norway. They play folk music that, in some songs, borders with progressive. When the first track starts, a casual listener will immediately think of Canadian folk/pop artist Loreena McKennitt. True there are some ressemblances (lead voice and music style), but if I were to make a comparaison, I would compare them to another succesful Canadian artist, singer, composer extraordinaire Claire Pelletier. As you may have deduced, Janne Hansen has a beautiful voice. Maybe not as powerful as McKennitt's, but I would venture to say that it contains more feeling. Never does she "force" her voice, so it contributes to giving all the songs a delicate mood, even when the music's tempo picks up.

Per Selör and all the supporting cast are accomplished musicians. As a whole the instruments sound is accoustic, and fits well with the beautiful Norwegian landscape that is featured on the sleeve. Selör shines even more as a composer. Not a hint of a weak moment on this record, all the songs are excellent. For proggers the shining (pun intended) moment is the finale. The Valley's Song, longest track, clocking at seven minutes, on which the music is more complexe and evolves in a definitively progressive way.

If you enjoy Loreena McKennitt's work you should run to the store (or your computer) and buy this cd.

Highly recommended.

Marc Roy


August 23rd 2003

Shine Dion: Wyn

Go to Norway. Take liberal doses of the following ingredients: Loreena McKennitt’s sultry, melodic voice, and her celtic sounds. The boyfriend / girlfriend chemistry of Blackmore’s Night. Heck, take their renaissance throwback sounds as well. A Mike-Oldfield conglomeration of off-centered instruments and his Irish ditties, and even a few licks of an Oldfield-cloned electric guitar. Blend carefully and – presto – you have Shine Dion. Perhaps this cynical introduction sounds like a criticism. It is in fact a huge compliment!

Shine Dión is a Norwegian duo that comprising Janne Hansen (vocals and lyrics) and Per Selör (composer and guitars). By their own account, the music is a blend between Norwegian and Irish folk tunes, with hints of progressive. A Wyn (or “wunjo”) is the old English sign of the rune for harmony or joy. It looks like a pointy “p”, and symbolizes love
and all things good, and is sometimes called the "Happiness Rune". Shine Dion named their album for the rune.

This Wyn is Celtic / English-Renaissance / Nordic folk rock, played in gentle minor keys, delicately composed and spread across a great range of instruments played by a dozen guest artists. The exotica include mellotron, cello, flute, oboe, and jew’s harp. (Really, a jew’s harp! But it’s way in the background.) There’s even a French-styled accordion in there. (No, really, an accordion!)

As eclectic as this all sounds, remember that Per Selör is a fine musician. The music is essentially uncomplicated, and each instrument is introduced masterfully, it plays its role perfectly, and withdraws without fuss – leaving wide open spaces for Janne Hansen’s beautiful vocals. Her delivery is clear and there is hardly any discernable accent. The lyrics are simple and sprinkled with references to the Nordic landscape and magic and dreams and the moon and stars and such. A bit mystical, somewhat esoteric, perhaps a little clicheic. Janne is credited with the lyrics, and the woman’s touch is clearly evident.

There is very little innovation here, but production, execution and composition are of a very high quality, and the music is simply beautiful. This kick-your-heels-up and watch the sunset music. And you know what’s cool? You can play this for your wife / girlfriend, and she’ll think you’ve finally developed great taste in music. And maybe you have.

Jeez – did I just listen to music with an accordion?

Duncan Glenday

Lethe Warden Web Magazine (Italy)

May 2003

Shine Diòn: Wyn (The Holly)

Musica senza tempo, musica per l’anima, MUSICA. Musica e Arte, Musica e Sentimento, Musica ed Emozioni. Musica sincera, musica col cuore. Gli Shine Diòn, nelle figure del polistrumentista (mastermind) Per Selor e della singer Janne Hansen ci donano tutto questo. Semplicemente questo. Sono norvegesi, non sono dei ragazzini, e se non li avete mai sentiti nominare sappiate che nella loro terra sono praticamente un’istituzione nel campo della musica folk, avendo alle spalle numerosi lavori di assoluto valore. Se amate Loreena McKennitt, The Chieftains, Blackmore’s Night, The Wishing Tree e la tradizione folk nord europea, se siete amanti delle soundtracks alla “Braveheart” o alla “The Last of the Mohicans”, se amate le atmosfere arcaiche e magiche che solo una penna sapiente di un Mastro Scrittore o le note leggere di un Bardo d’altri tempi sono in grado di ricreare, allora non potete prescindere dagli Shine Diòn e non potete prescindere da “Wyn”. Fra suggestioni celtiche e rievocazioni di luoghi in cui la natura domina sovrana, le dieci canzoni dell’album scorrono dolci e fresche come acque di un ruscello di montagna nel periodo del disgelo, pure e cristalline, pronte nel loro viaggio a raccontare storie perdute e preziose... la voce suadente e ammaliante di Janne guida così il viandante che in queste acque si disseta fra un girotondo di suoni prodotti in perfetta sinergia da chitarra e arpa, mandolino e oboe, violino e flauto, danze e ballate che parlano di amore e tristezza, gioia e malinconia e si imprimono in maniera indelebile nell’anima di chi sa ascoltare, nel silenzio, e ascoltando percepisce la grandezza delle note medievali di “Moonlit Voice” e “The Land”, o di quelle dolci di “Mist-e-ry” e “Ocean Rose”, o ancora di quelle sospese e maestose di “Flowering” e “The Valley’s Song”.... dieci canzoni, dieci gemme. Lasciatevi conquistare... (richiedete il CD al sito sotto indicato)



FUNPROX (The Netherlands)

1.October 2003

label: The Holly

Shine Dión is a folky duo from Norway that releases their music on their own label. On their records they get assistance from guest musicians on instruments like flutes, mandolin and hardanger fiddle. The name of the group means ‘shining moon’ and refers to the pagan goddess of the moon Diona. Their lyrics and music are inspired by the Norwegian landscape, fairy tales and mysticism. In the lyrics there are references to astrology and rune signs.

Wyn opens with the beautiful and ethereal song ‘Flowering’ which reminds me a bit of Hagalaz’ Runedance due to the percussion. In some tracks the group uses progrock influences, like in the medieval sounding ‘Moonlit Voice’. Due tothis the songs looses some of it appeal and beauty. There are no real folk tunes on the album although almost all songs have clear Celtic folk elements, like ‘Waves of Green’ and ‘The Well’. Just like a lot of folk bands the sound of Shine Dión is a bit slick and polished. Luckily it never gets irritating.

An exception to the slick sound is the song ‘The land’. This track even sounds a bit like a quite song by The Pogues, only with female vocals. Wyn is quite a nice album, only too bad for the progrock influences. When the sound would be a little less polished, and thus a bit more natural and raw, this album would even been more than that.

Martijn van Gessel


April 2003

SHINE DIÓN - "Wyn" The Holly HCD 02 (2002)

The follow-up to the great “Killandra” was released in spring this year, and as expected, it’s another goodie from the band. Shine Dión is still Janne Hansen on vocals and she responsible for the lyrics as usual. Per Selör still plays all the guitars on the album and he’s the man behind the music. He also plays mandolin, jew’s harp and some bass.

The difference between this release and their previous, is most notably in the extended use of drums and percussion. But have no fear, the overall feeling on the album lays close up to the last one. The drummer and percussionist on the album is Stian L. Kristoffersen, together with bassist Steinar Krokmo, which plays on one track, are the backbone of the prog-metal band Pagan’s Mind. Strange combination you might think, but it works well!

On “Flowering”, it’s Stian’s deep percussion which opens the track together with the moody, vibrant cello of hired hand Helene Waage, before Janne’s excellent voice comes creeping up in. With the Hardanger fiddle in the bridge, played by Trond Villa, and the jew’s harp lays hypnotizing in the background makes this a fine album opener. You get the feeling of lots of space in “Myst-e-ry”, thinking of seagulls flying high over washing shores. A slow tune with beautiful piano, mellotron
(played by Jørn Andersen) and a sad lonely accordion (played by Åse Vrålstad Aas). Acoustic guitar starts up “Moonlit Voice” before the vocals and flute (played by Guttorm Guttormsen as on previous album) together with drums making it gradually more muscular.

And with some electric guitar and fiddle added for good measure. On “Watershade”, there’s full band from the start, and with it’s more uptempo beat, this one could sure have been a hit on the radio. Great singalong qualities! “Waves Of Green” sounds a bit stationary, but is saved by a beautiful fiddle towards the end. “The Land” is more uptempo again with full band and with great hit potential! It’s short, snappy and very memorable. “Mirror Lake” is rather relaxed, with no
percussion, but with cello, fiddle and some fine acoustic guitar picking.
Shine Dión has left the album’s best track “The Valley’s Song” at the end of the album. It’s a true beauty clocking in for 7 minutes. It’s a stunning tune with powerful electric guitar and great flute arrangements, which leads my thoughts to Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson. But the fiddle plays an important part as well for the overall feeling.
Janne’s vocals is limited to some singing towards the end using her voice more like an instrument than expressing words. Great track!

If I should compare this release to the previous, I must say that this one has slightly more power to it, much due to the percussive expression on some tracks, even though it’s not that much. This album contains all the qualities of their first album, and it’s hard to pick one to favour, so why don’t get them both!If you liked their first album, you’ll sure gonna love this one as well!

Tore Rosbjorgen

Avisa TELEN (Norge)
4. april 2002

Shine Dion "Wyn" (THE HOLLY)

Keltiske stemninger

Shine Dion er i utgangspunktet en duo med base i Grenland. Bak det mystiske navnet finner vi tidligere rockegitarist Per Selør (The Tracemen) som skriver all musikk mens kona, Kongsberg-jenta Janne Hansen, står for tekstene og sangen. Musikken er en spennende blanding av keltisk og norsk folkemusikk ispedd en god dose progrock/folkrock. Tekstene er preget av det mystiske, det mytiske i tillegg til det vi kan kalle landskapsbeskrivelser. Shine Dion har holdt på siden 1993, og debuterte med en CD/EP "Berkana" i 1994. I 1998 kom den første hele CD-en "Killandra" på eget selskap. Det virker som det er med denne type musikk som det er med black metal; det blir for "smalt" til at det norske musikkmarkedet legger merke til det. Samtidig opplever de en viss suksess i utlandet med gode kritikker i land som USA, Canada, Frankrike og Belgia i tillegg til en del land i Østen.
Det er å håpe at "Wyn" omsider kan gi Shine Dion den oppmerksomheten de rettmessig fortjener her hjemme i Norge. Dette er nemlig en spennende plate der flere telemarkinger er involvert. "Sauheringen" Trond Villa fra den legendariske norske folkrockgruppa Folque bidrar med hardingfele og fele, mens sambygding Helene Waage spiller cello. Guttorm Guttormsen spiller alt av fløyter, Jørn Andersen mellotron, Pagans Mind-trommis StianKristoffersen spiller trommer og perk, Endre Christiansen keyboards og i tillegg har de fått med seg Jørund Bøgeberg på bass. "Wyn" er en plate full av stemninger og musikalske landskap. Kort og godt tre kvarter med ren og skjær balsam for sjel og sinn.

Knut H. Slettemo

Nr. 21 Juni 2002

Shine Dión - "Wyn"

Undertegnede har aldri vært noen stor folkrockentusiast, men jeg må innrømme at jeg har litt sansen for denne Skien'ske duoen. Shine Dión's moderne folkrock-avart har et litt svevende preg og en eventyraktig stemning, som i dette tilfellet faller i god jord. Jeg har aldri tidligere hørt de med et såpass tungt komp som her, med full rytmeseksjon og ganske perkusisiv type trommetraktering. Litt synd å merke seg at mellotronen er sparsommelig tilstede i mixen denne gang, men desto mer gledelig at Trond Villa fra gamle Folque fremdeles står sentralt med sin umiskjennelige fele. Janne Hansen's vokal passer også godt til denne musikktypen.

Jon Christian Lie


VARDEN (Norge)
20. februar 2002

Shine Dion "Wyn" (The Holly)

Shine Dions nye album trenger noen flere gjennomhøringer enn de tidligere utgivelsene. I første runde synes det som om sangen og en del stemninger er veldig like hele produktet igjennom. Detaljene og
variasjonen trer mye bedre fram etter hvert. Irsk musikk, engelsk folkrock, ørlite progrock og middelalderstemninger er det mest slående. Det er mye norske elementer her, men de blir først tydligere når man fester seg ved de forskjellige instrumentene. Janne Hansen har en drømmeaktig inngang både til tekst og sangframføring. Det passer stemningen. De engelske verselinjene har en fin flyt. Musikken er variert og står bra til vokalen. Siste sporet, en progressiv sju minutters instrumental, har et veldig godt løft i seg. Fløyte, fele og elektrisk gitar konkurrerer heftig med mer rolige partier. Her har duoen så absolutt noe å bygge videre på. Men de ni første sangene er ikke til å kimse av. Åpningssporet starter med tung tromme og dramatisk cello fra Helene Waage før Enya-effekten trer inn da Janne Hansen starter vokalen. Så snart fela til Trond Villa blander seg, tar melodien og lydbildet en litt annen retning. Det er nesten så Villa en periode er på utsiden av låten, veldig effektfullt. Dette bør bli en radiolåt, dersom stasjonene tar seg tid til å spille de fem minuttene den varer. I neste spor "Mist-e-ry", renner havet inn i bakgrunnen til en engelsk visemelodi som kunne vært skrevet og framført av Donovan. Jeg tipper den gamle 60-talls artisten ville stusset om han hadde hørt sangen. Så dukker plutselig Åse Vrålstad Ås trekkspill opp og skaper noe nytt. Oppfinnsomt trekk. Tredjesporet "Moonlight Voice", med sine vandrende gitarer, er mer engelsk folkemusikk fra forgangene tider. Guttorm Guttormsens fløyte klinger godt her. Og slik fortsetter det. Å trekke inn Telemarksmusikere som Trond Villa, Helene Waage og Kari Lønnestad har vært et lurt trekk.
Andre musikere som ikke er nevnt er Stian Kristoffersen, Jørun Bøgeberg, Steinar Krokmo, Jørn Andersen, Endre Cristiansen, Glenn Henriksen og Benedicte Bosrup.

Helge Ottesen





NO 15 - may 1999

SHINE DIÓN/ Killandra
(The Holly / HCD01)

"Killandra" must be the longest awaited début album by a European psychedelic folk rock band ever, I think. We first heard of Shine Dión in 1991, when the CD EP "Berkana" came out as one of the last releases on the sadly missed "Colours" label from Skien. Shine Dión is a Norwegian male/female duo with a distinct preference for Celtic/Tolkien fairytale folk with a lot of psychedelic and symphonic edge.

If you missed the "Berkana" EP back then don't worry: 2 of its 3 track are also part of their first full album, which totals 11 songs (45') each a different psychedelic chapter from a fairytale that's sung by the beautiful voice of Janne Hansen and played by the guitar lines of her musical partner Per Selör. Extensive mysterious and atmospheric backing is
produced by 5 studio musicans on violin, flute, sax, mellotron mandolin, accordion, keyboards and percussion, creating both mediaeval and Scandinavian folk airs. This is a flawless, almost perfect psychedelic folk rock album, simply one of the best European releases of the past 10 years. "Killandra" will become a legend among pixies and trolls.
There is a (limited) vinyl version of this album around as a release on the Italian "Black Widow Records" label (adress: see Italian reviews).



May 5 1999

Norwegian landscapes, celtic folk, bewitching female vocals and mellotron all around: these are the words that can best describe the music of the duet SHINE DION.
Atmospheric songs with an instrumentation mostly based on guitar, violin, flute, mellotron, and this beautiful voice. Song themes are drawn from astrology and runes.
You get the picture: mystic, magical, enchanting music. All good reasons to give this record a try.

Francois Couture


# 23 March 1999

SHINE DIÓN: "Killandra"

Shine Dión is a duo from Norway very close to the French band Graal or Richie Blackmore's solo album, blending crystal clear female vocals (Janne Hansen's) with exquisite acoustic instrumentation (guitars Per Selör) but also violin, flute, saxophone, mandolin, Celtic / new age atmospheres (percussions but no drums here).
The whole disc isn't always progressive, very often close to the song format but always quiet. Some prog great moments can be found yet such as the 2 great tracks "Killandra" / "Dusk" for instance which are more "ambitious". If you like delicate moody songs, this album is for you.



Number 44, December '98 /January '99.

SHINE DIÓN "Killandra" (The Holly) 4 pts.

What a pleasant surprise! Shine Dión is a Norwegian progressive project, and the music is really beautiful. Mostly acoustic, with flute and violin, the songs float as mountain rivers, with the fantastic voice of Janne Hansen in the front. With a bit more variation this could be a big thing in the progressive scene.

(Reviewed in Scream # 44 by; Bjørn Nørsterud)


No. 30 1999

Shine Dion: Killandra (CD, 44:46); The Holly HCD01 import. Exquisitely melodic, lilting folk-based music from the Norwegian duo of Janne Hansen (English vocals) and Per Selor (guitars), accompanied by five instrumentalists. There are hints of progressive and dark Scandinavian nuance here, as the ever-reliable mellotron holds forth amidst flute, sax, violin, mandolin, accordion and the rare electric guitar passage.

Mostly, however, Killandra comprises sprightly folkishness via mid- tempo tracks inspired by the scenery of Norwegian landscapes, fairy tales and mysticism. This is a warm, often delicate album; Hansen has an inviting voice and the compositions (ranging from 3 minutes to nearly 7 minutes) are solid.

My favorite track is "Dusk" -- a beautifully mystical piece pairing atmospheric keyboards, violin and sax with fabulous lyrical imagery. The echo effects in Hansen's voice are absolutely stunning.

John Collinge

N0 242 - October 1999

The Holly HCD01 (44:46)
Modern progressive folk from a Norwegian band with a heavy Irish slant to their sound. Shine Dion (Shining Moon) have been together since 1990 and have found favour throughout Europe and America, even managing to get material released in Korea on the Si-Wan label. Lyrically inspired by the Norwegian landscapes, mysticism, and astrology. Their sound will find no admirers among the purists but anyone with a liking for Clannad will find much to enjoy here.


No 7 Avril 1999


Le folklore celtique a le vent en poupe. Le succès du Festival interceltique de Lorient qui draine des milliers d'amateurs chaque annèe en Bretagne en est la preuve: les peuples du nord de I'Europe redècouvrent leurs racines et c'est tant mieux. Pour renforcer ce constat, regardez Ritchie Blackmore, autrefois riffeur en chef de Deep Purple qui ne jure plus que par la musique britannique ancienne et voyez le tabac que font les rappeurs bretons de Manau (900 000 albums
vendus), les irlandais The Corrs ou encore les multiples compilations celtiques qui trônent chez les disquaires. Je citerai aussi la performance de nos amis XII Alfonso dont I'album The Lost Frontier figure parmi les meilleurs ventes de Musea. Après ce long préambule révélateurs d'un état de fait, venons-en à nos moutons: le disque KILLANDRA du couple norvégien SHINE DIÓN qui lui aussi surfe sur cette mode. Nous avons à faire ici à un fort bel album à la production
impreccable que vous pouvez passer en boucle à I'occasion de soirées crêpes au coin de feu. C'est sûr, ce n'est pas très rock (les percussions sont discrètes) mais fondamentalement mélodique et magnifiquement instrumenté. Pour interpréter les petits joyaux d'émotion composés par son ami/guitariste PER SELÖR, la blonde chanteuse JANNE HANSEN dispose d'une voix merveilleuse, proche de celle de (la trop discrète) Annie Haslam. Le duo a eu I'intelligence de s'entourer de superbes instrumentistes: le flûtiste Guttorm Guttormsen est omniprésent et tient aussi les parties de saxophone soprano sur le long (7mn) et émouvant "Dusk". Violon (Trond Villa), accordéon (Glenn Henriksen) et mandoline (Jorn Andresen) concourent également à renforcer la beauté des 11 ballades bucoliques. Perdez-vous dans les forêts de SHINE DIÓN, vous y rencontrerez elfes, trolls et serez guidés par la voix divine de la fée JANNE.

Hubert Allusson


No 36 - mars 1999

SHINE DIÓN: Killandra

La dernière trace discographique de SHINE DIÓN semble bien être le mini-CD Berkana, sorti en 1994 (Harmonie No 22). Quatre ans plus tard, voici le véritable premier album de ce duo norvégien. Une fois n`est pas coutume, pas de progressif obscur et torturé, ni de gothique larvaire ou de black obscurantiste. SHINE DIÓN s'adonne à un folk-rock baignant dans le médiéval et le celtique. Si ce dernier adjectif est mis á toutes les sauces depuis deux ou trois ans, il sied pourtant à ravir à SHINE DIÓN et ses instrumentistes tour à tour mélancoliques et enjoués. Le violon de Trond Villa, la flûte de Guttorm Guttormsen et lamandoline de Jorn Andersen sont des atouts de choix dans un tel contexte qui n'est pas sans rappeler le Oldfield estampillé bab'. Mais SHINE DIÓN, c'est
avant tout, un duo, la blonde Janne Hansen et sa voix esquissée dans les brumes de mer du Nord et le brun Per Selör aux guitares plus douces que le satin....

Peu importe que SHINE DIÓN soit norvégien, Killandra est un disque de pure "celtitude" ou de "celte attitude" si vous préférez ! Le son de la race baigne entre les sillons. Gallois, Ecossais, Bretons, Irlandais ou Norvégien aujourd'hui, Celtes, Pictes, Angles ou Saxons hier, c'est la fibre millénaire de I'Europe du Nord qui entrelace ses complaintes d'un autre àge sur L'électricité de l'an 2000, au service d'une nostalgie brumeuse et inhérente aux Terres du Nord.

Cette musique n'a plus d'áge, elle reflète un ancrage profond aux valeurs du passé et se projette dans un avenir incertain, par la mélancolie malicieuse qui perle de chaque note. Fierté d'une nation disparate, elle est à la fois, "I'ignorance et la certitude" d'un spleen séculaire, transmis d'Oslo à Brest, de Cardiff à Edinbourg en passant par Dublin, pour se projeter dans I'imaginaire des derniers rrèveurs du siècle. SHINE DIÓN a réussi un album rutilant de beauté mystique et naturiste, un élan du cæur d'où la sensation de pureté émane à chaque note. Une esquisse d'éternité sereine flotte sur les guitares de Selör et la voix de Hansen.
Abreuvezvous à leur source, elle est d'une éternelle jouvence !

Bruno 'Mac Leod' Versmisse


iO PAGES (Netherlands)

nummer 20, juni 1999


Shine Dion is een Noors duo dat in 1994 debuteerde met demini CD Berkana. Het duo bestaat uit Janne Hansen (zang en teksten) en Per Selör (gitaren en composities). Een aantal gastmuzikanten zorgt voor de completering van het instrumentarium, waaronder fluit, mandoline, accordeon, percussie, keyboards (waaronder Mellotron) en viool.
Dit laatstgenoemde instrument wordt bespeeld door Trond Villa, die afkomstig is uit de in Noorwegenzeer bekende band Folque. Hiermee zijn we tevens aangeland bij de muziekstiil van Shine Dion. De genoemde instrumenten wijzen al in de richting van de folk(rock). Ook de accentloze, Engelstalige zang van Janne Hansen past prima in het
folkplaatje. Haar zuivere stem lijkt op die van Annie Haslam (Renaissance), Joanne Hogg (Iona) en Caroline Lafue (Xll Alfonso). De muziek en teksten op dit album zin geinspireed door het Noorse landschap, sprookjes en mystiek. De viool van Villa zorgt het hele album door voor een melancholiek steertje, wat nog versterkt wordt door het zo nu en dan toegevoegde saxofoonspel. Het nummer Dusk , met 6:52 minuten de langste track, is hier een goed voorbeeld van. In opener Flow daarentegen staan viool, mandoline en accordeon garant voor een vrolijke folksong. Hoewel iets ingetogener is Woods Eternal vergelijkbaar met het hiervoor genoemde nummer. Deze beide tracks doen mij denken aan Steeleye Span. In Rowan's Song is de reeds vermelde (fluit) Mellotron prominent te horen, verder wordt het instrument alleen als ondersteuning gebruikt..
De electrische gitaar in Rowan's Song, Wing Rider en titelsong Killandra geeft die tracks een Mike Oldfield-achtig sfeertje mee. Dit album maakt tevens duidelijk dat er een verwantschap is tussen de Noorse en Schots/Ierse folk. Killandra is een mooi folkrock album geworden. Welhoop ik dat Shine Dion op een volgende release het repertoire
wat meer variatie meegeeft, zodat de aandacht van de luisteraar beter vastgehouden wordt. Het album zal worden gedistribueered door Black Widow (Italie) en Musea (Frankrijk).

Leo Hoekstra

Ny plate Shine Dión

Onsdag 21. oktober 1998

SHINE DIÓN: Killandra

Lyrisk og lekkert - Terningkast 5

Skiensbandet Shine Dión er et særdeles hyggelig bekjentskap. Duoen består av vokalist / tekstforfatter Janne Hansen og gitarist / komponist Per Selør, og debuterte i 1994
med albumet "Berkana". "Killandra" viser helt tydelig at vi har å gjøre med et par usedvanlige musikere, som mestrer noe så vanskelig som irsk tradisjonsmusikk. Sammen med gjestemusikerne Trond Villa og Guttorm Guttormsen, serverer duoen lekre, lyriske viser. Akkustiske gitarer og stemningsfulle fløytetoner, samt Janne Hansen's oppsiktsvekkende sterke vokal, gir en flott ramme rundt de typeriktige melodiene. Legg så til at vi har å gjøre med en krystallklar produksjon, og vi sitter igjen med en av
årets mest interessante utgivelser i vårt fylke. "Killandra" vil bli distribuert over hele verden, og hvem vet hva det vil føre til..?

- Lars Lager Espevalen


# 44, December '98 /January '99.

SHINE DIÓN "Killandra" (The Holly) 4 poeng

Litt av en overraskelse dette her, det dreier seg nemlig om et norsk progressivt prosjekt bestående av Per Selör på gitarer og anne Hansen på vokal. Sistnevnte innehar en fantastisk stemmeprakt, mesteparten av tiden minner hun mer om en alveprinsesse fra Lothlorien enn en vanlig sangerinne. Musikken er eventyrlig vakker, til tider irsk inspirert, akustisk melodiøs skjønnhet, og med god hjelp av diverse gjestemusikere har dette blitt usannsynlig flott. Nå er det en ting å utsette på "Killandra", og det er det faktum at sangene kan bli lett like.

- Bjørn Nørsterud

ART ROCK (Sweden)

Nr 2 - 1999

Shine Dión
Killandra (The Holly, 1998)

Shine Dión är en duo från Skien i Norge bestående av Per Selör (gitarr) och Janne Hansen (sång) plus gästmusiker. Notera att Janne i det här fallet är en hon. Killandra är deras första fullängds-CD, tidligare har man gett ut en mini-CD bestående av tre låtar som fick överväldigande positiv kritik. Musik och text är som gruppen själva beskriver det inspirerade av det norska landskapet, sagor och mysticism. Det handlar mer om folkmusik än om symfonirock. Denkeltiska närvaron är stark, namn som Clannad och Mike Oldfield dyker upp som associationer. Det är vackert och melankoliskt, med mycket flöyt, violin, akustisk gitarr
och slagverk. Janne Hansen har en sångröst som är som klippt och skuren för denna genre. Mina favoritlåtar för stunden är "Rowan's Song" och "Dusk".

Per Köhler




SHINE DION "Berkana" (Colours 1994 3 song EP CD)
Shine Dion are a duo from Norway who play a familiar mix of early '70s-style folk rock with a fresh vigor and grace. This three-song CD whets our appetites.

Dirty Linen (USA) #53 aug/sep -94
Shine Dion " Berkana" (MCD,Colours)
Dalle Terre del Nord non viene solo black -metal ma anche questo nouovo duo di ispirazione celtico- vikinga. Janne Hansen (voce) e Per Selør (chitarra) ci quidano attraverso due composizioni orginali ed un traditional che parlanodilaghi, foreste ,querce ed unicorni, di tales of ancient  times,(prendendo in prestito una frase da Rowan's Song)
La  voce di  Janne Hansen in Elegy e quasi profetica,una nuova voce femminile all'orizzonte. Il maxi CD -digipack(e che costa la miseria di 12000 lire, spese incluse) offre due immagini degli Shine Dion vestiti con abiti medievali, nel profondi della foresta o sulle rive di un lago.Musica per  sognare.
Paolo Bianconi
Marble Moon (Italy) 1995


Shine Dion: "Berkana" (Colours CD/EP CCDS1)

Finalmente arrivano al debutto anche i norvegesi Shine Diòn (efr. demo recensito da Gianni Della Cioppa su M&D n.1). Janne Hansen e Per Selör, rispettivamente voce e chitarra, propongono tre solari ballata di tipica estrazione folk, coadiuvati da quattro musicisti esterni che si occupano delle parti di mandolino, mellotron, flauto e tastiere.
Tre brevi frammenti che si riallacciano alla concezione piu bucolica e pastorale del patrimonio musicale di tradizione anglo-celtica: "Woods eternal", song dal vigoroso incedere di impronta medievaleggiante arricchita da efficaci rifiniture di mandolino e tin whistle: "Rowan's song", tra i tre forse il brano piu arrangiato, che si dipana attreverso delicate increspature arpeggiate da chitarra, flauto e mellotron per concludersi con un bel solo di Per Selör, unico momento elettrico del CD. Ed infine "Elegy", poesia tradizionale eseguita su un atmosferico e vaparoso tappeto di synth e tin whistle. Arcana e solenne. Un esordio che conferma l'ottimo giudizio che gia avevamo espresso sul gruppo. Una delle novita' piu 'interessanti dell'attuale panorama folk.
Stefano Covili

Melodie Dissonanze (Italiy) Giugno-Luglio 1994.


SHINE DION  "Berkana"  CD Colours

Lorsqu'on évoque la musique folklorique celtique, Pavlov fait aussitôt surgir dans nos esprits certains noms parmi lesquels Clannad, Mike Oldfield, Enya, Fairport Convention,..
Mais, au-delá de ces références, c'est dans le Moyen-Age celtique même quíl faut aller chercher la source dínspiration de ce duo norvégien.
Le ton est donné dès la pochette: costumes médiévaux magnificents et paysages champétres traduisent dèmblée un fascination pour cette époque et sa musique. Les trois courts morceaux qui composent ce mini CD, á l'inspiration très buccolique, proposent chacun une atmosphère mélodique spécifique. "Woods eternal" est empreint de jovialité
et de fraicheur, la mélodie se faisant très sautillante. "Rowan's song" prend un tour plus mélancolique sur fond de mandoline et de flûte. Quant à "Elegy", reprise d'un traditionnel, le ton est à une certaine gravité, la musique se réduisant á un grand dépouillement dans les arrangements: la voixse pose quasiment a capella sur de brumeuses nappes de claviers et quelques lointains échos de flûte.
Trois perles de poésie et de fraicheur donc pour quelques instants d'irréalité et d'atemporalité. On est curieux de voir ce que cela peut donner sur une oeuvre de plus grande ampleur.
Philippe Gnana

HARMONIE Magazine N 22 (France) march 1994

Ny plate Shine Dión

Skiensduoen Shine Dión har begått en debutplate det står respekt av. Et produkt gjennomsyret av mytisk folklore, god musikk, originalitet og ikke minst vakre stemninger. Et spennende prosjekt. Ikke underlig at både japanske, engelske, italienske og amerikanske selskaper har gitt tilbud om distribusjon - desto mer underlig at ikke norsk musikkmiljø har tatt like godt imot nyskapningen. Gitar, mandolin, fløyte og keyboards tar oss med på en musikalsk reise inn i en mytisk verden, og tro dere oss.
Kvalitetsnivået er imponerende. Liker du musikk a la Clannad og Eyna vil du elske Shine Dión- og en bedre attest kan vi knappest gi. De har lagt lista høyt, og svever langt over. En lekkerbisken - som også er usedvanlig tiltalende presentert. Denne bør du ha!
Terje Nilsen

Avisa Trondheim febr. 7 -94